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Jun 5 2017 | Posted In: Media
La Vanguardia, an online news outlet based in Barcelona, Spain, has quoted Azevedo in regards to the Paris Agreement. See the article here.
Jun 5 2017 | Posted In: Media
W Radio, an international news source based out of Colombia, has quoted Azevedo on the Paris Agreement. View the full article here.
Jun 5 2017 | Posted In: Media
Union Radio, an online media outlet based in Venezuela, has quoted Azevedo on the Paris agreement. Read the full article here.
Jun 5 2017 | Posted In: News
Through its many educational efforts and the work of its research centers, Carnegie Mellon University is a world leader on issues of energy, climate and air pollution.
May 23 2017 | Posted In: News
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette features an article on Priya Donti's efforts in the Data Rescue plan for EPA information targeted by the Trump Administration. “The strength of a democracy rests on the ability of all of its citizens to have access to data and decisions that will allow them to make their...
Apr 18 2017 | Posted In: Media
"'Clean coal could only be clean coal if you have very aggressive air control technologies implemented and (are also) addressing the CO2 emissions by installing carbon capture and sequestration in parallel,' [Azevedo] said. 'But that's really hard.' "Azevedo said it’s hard because it’s expensive.
Apr 10 2017 | Posted In: Media
Bobby Magill quoted Ines Azevedo in his piece "Electricity’s Carbon Footprint in U.S. Shrinks, Sets Record". "Climate pollution from generating electricity is now more than 24 percent below where it was in 2005, said Ines Azevedo, an associate professor of engineering and public policy at Carnegie...
Apr 7 2017 | Posted In: Media
NextPittsburgh features Ines Azevedo and fellow researcher Costa Samaras on their recent findings on the U.S. drop in CO2 Emissions. Read more at: "Power Sector Carbon Index shows big drop in CO2 emissions"
Mar 28 2017 | Posted In: News
Today we are launching our Power Sector Carbon Index! Check it out at! The Power Sector Carbon Index provides an estimate of the carbon dioxide (CO2) intensity of the U.S. power sector using publicly available data sources. Carbon intensity is measured in pounds of CO2 ...
Mar 28 2017 | Posted In: News
Our paper ‘Known unknowns: indirect energy effects of information and communication technology’ selected by our Editors to feature in the Highlights of 2016 collection from Environmental Research Letters (ERL):! Congratulations to Nathaniel Horner, and Arman Sehabi, who...
Mar 14 2017 | Posted In: News
Engineering and Public Policy graduate student Brian Sergi talks about his research on public perceptions of energy and specifically how providing information about the different effects of energy consumption affects the way people care and think about energy.
Feb 22 2017 | Posted In: News
Congratulations Long! More information on the IEEE-USA Congressional Fellowship can be found at:
Feb 17 2017 | Posted In: News
Azevedo named to the Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee Inês Azevedo will provide technical and programmatic advice to the Energy Secretary about the Department of Energy's hydrogen research.
Feb 5 2017 | Posted In: News
$360 Billion Investment in Green Energy: Will It Take China’s ‘Green Leap Forward’ to Success? Read more: