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Power sector emissions data

Launching our Power Sector Carbon Index!

Mar 28 2017 | Posted In: News

Today we are launching our Power Sector Carbon Index! Check it out at! The Power Sector Carbon Index provides an estimate of the carbon dioxide (CO2) intensity of the U.S. power sector using publicly available data sources. Carbon intensity is measured in pounds of CO2 per Megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity. What is the carbon intensity? See link above!


ERL paper on indirect effect of ICT makes it to highlights of 2016!

Mar 28 2017 | Posted In: News

Our paper ‘Known unknowns: indirect energy effects of information and communication technology’ selected by our Editors to feature in the Highlights of 2016 collection from Environmental Research Letters (ERL):! Congratulations to Nathaniel Horner, and Arman Sehabi, who were co-authors on this piece!


Our piece on carbon footprints for cities was selected as the Editor's Featured Article in ERL!

Mar 28 2017 | Posted In: News

Our piece on "An integrated approach for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from 100 U.S. metropolitan areas" has been selected as an "Editor's Featured Article"!

You can see this and other feature articles at: Congratulations to Sam Markolf, Scott Mathhews and Chris Hendrickson who were also co-authors in this piece!


cover slide

Brian Sergi Featured in Steinbrenner Institute Student Research Video

Mar 14 2017 | Posted In: News

Engineering and Public Policy graduate student Brian Sergi talks about his research on public perceptions of energy and specifically how providing information about the different effects of energy consumption affects the way people care and think about energy.

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PhD candidate Long Lam was awarded a prestigious IEEE-USA Congressional Fellowship!

Feb 22 2017 | Posted In: News

Congratulations Long! More information on the IEEE-USA Congressional Fellowship can be found at:

Ines Azevedo

Azevedo named to the Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee

Feb 17 2017 | Posted In: News

Azevedo named to the Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee Inês Azevedo will provide technical and programmatic advice to the Energy Secretary about the Department of Energy's hydrogen research. The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee (HTAC) was established under Section 807 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005PDF to provide technical and programmatic advice to the Energy Secretary on DOE's hydrogen research, development, and demonstration efforts.

solar panels

Research by Lam and Azevedo cited in article

Feb 5 2017 | Posted In: News

$360 Billion Investment in Green Energy: Will It Take China’s ‘Green Leap Forward’ to Success? Read more:

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Lam and Azevedo Cited in Wall Street Journal

Feb 2 2017 | Posted In: News

"The Opinion|Commentary section of The Wall Street Journal highlights the results from Lam, Branstetter and Azevedo work published in ERL on China's wind electricity:


Azevedo invited to join the Executive Editorial Board of ERL journal

Jan 17 2017 | Posted In: News

Ines was recently invited to join the Executive Editorial Board of the journal Environmental Research Letters. Environmental Research Letters covers all of environmental science, providing a coherent and integrated approach including research articles, perspectives and review articles.


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Azevedo Featured in City of Pittsburgh Climate Action Workshop Video

Oct 26 2016 | Posted In: News, Video


Nathaniel Horner and Inês Azevedo Published in Environmental Research Letters

Oct 5 2016 | Posted In: News

Nathaniel Horner and Inês Azevedo, with Arman Shehabi of LBNL, reviewed dozens of studies on the “indirect” energy effects of information and communication technology (ICT) services like e-commerce and telework.  Though ICT has compelling energy savings potential, uncertainty in implementation details and higher-order effects make the actual net energy effect hard to calculate.


Long Lam

Long Lam and Ines Azevedo Featured on CMU College of Engineering Website

Sep 21 2016 | Posted In: News

Congratulations to Stephanie Seki on her successful PhD Defense

Jul 11 2016 | Posted In: News

Stephanie's dissertation was titled "Evaluating the Economic, Environmental and Policy Impacts of Ethanol as a Transportation Fuel in Pennsylvania."

Congratulations to Nathaniel Horner on his successful PhD Defense

Jul 6 2016 | Posted In: News

Nathaniel's dissertation was titled "Powering the Information Age: Metrics, Social Cost Optimization Strategies, and Indirect Effects Related to Data Center Energy Use."

electrical power lines

Nathaniel Horner and Inês Azevedo Contribute to LBNL Report

Jun 28 2016 | Posted In: News

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in collaboration with experts at Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and Northwestern, today released our latest analysis of electricity used by data centers in the US. Surprisingly, electricity use in data centers has been roughly flat since the financial crisis with little growth projected to 2020, even though delivery of computing services has been increasing rapidly. As I've argued for years, the level of inefficiency in enterprise data center facilities leaves lots of room for improvement, and the market is finally getting that message. Read the rest of the article by Jonathan Koomey, "Surprise!: US data center electricity use has been growing slowly for years"