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Research Projects

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Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making

Our center and its graduates will develop and promulgate new and innovative, behaviorally and technically informed insights involving the intersection points between climate and energy. It will also generate methods to frame, analyze, and assist key stakeholders in addressing important decisions regarding climate change and the necessary transformation of the world’s energy system. CEDM is a distributed research cooperative agreement, anchored at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.

TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

The TomKat Center supports early-stage research by Stanford faculty in the area of sustainable energy. Since 2010, we have committed over $6 million to 21 such research projects, which we call "seed grants." The winners are chosen through an annual competitive process. Funding usually begins in the fall or winter of the year indicated. Most of these projects have been awarded two years of research funding. Our grants cover four central aspects of electricity and transportation. This is a collaborative project with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). 

NSF for Storage

This research will investigate the environmental effects of energy storage operation in the United States, using life-cycle assessment and electricity system engineering-economic modeling. The first objective of the proposed work is to understand the climate, health and environmental effects of operating energy storage devices on the electricity grid. The second objective is to propose new electricity system policies that allow the economic benefits of storage to be captured without causing inadvertent system emissions.