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Ines AzevedoInês M.L. Azevedo

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I am Associate Professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering. I also serve as co-Director for the Climate and Energy Decision Making (CEDM) Center. My work focuses on how to transition to sustainable, realistically feasible, and equitable energy systems. I am passionate about solving problems that include environmental, technical, economic, and policy issues, where traditional engineering approaches play an important role but cannot provide a complete answer. In particular, I am interested in assessing how energy systems are likely to evolve, which requires comprehensive knowledge of the technologies that can address future energy needs and the decision-making process followed by various agents in the economy.


Mar 30 2021 | California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) | Posted In: News
I'll be working with California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) this summer. Specifically, I'll be working in the Office of Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves and helping with evaluating the new net metering policy for California, which probably will be the most hotly contested energy debate in...
Mar 24 2021 | Federal Energy Resource Commission (FERC) | Posted In: News
I will be doing a summer internship with the Federal Energy Resource Commission (FERC) as an "Energy Industry Analyst". I will primarily be using data analysis tools to ensure electricity producers are following regulations. Click here for more info on the FERC Summer Intern Program. 
Mar 23 2021 | California Air Resources Board (CARB) | Posted In: News
I will be working with California Air Resources Board (CARB) this summer as part of the Shultz Energy Fellowship. I will be working on Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) refueling including hydrogen and electric vehicle fueling station utilization for priority populations, such as disadvantaged and low-...