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Nov 5 2019 | Posted In: News
Inês' current and former students meet up at this year's USAEE conference in Denver!
Stanford Energy Resources Engineering Professor Inês M.L. Azevedo co-authors a report from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences on the topic of Recuding Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gases for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks. 
Sep 12 2019 | Posted In: News
Brian Sergi, a Ph.D. student in Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Engineering and Public Policy, along with Professors Inês Azevedo and Alex Davis, and Peking University's Tian Xia and Jianhua Xu, have conducted a study in 10 Chinese cities to measure public support on how respondents...
Aug 12 2019 | Posted In: Media
An article by Marika Yang of Carnegie Mellon University, explores a recent study by EPP/MechE’s Jeremy Michalek, Ines Azevedo and Alan Jenn which analyzes federal and state policies on electric cars and reveals the peculiar relationship between the policies that leads to counterintuitive effects.
Aug 28 2018 | Posted In: News
In an article by Sam Jarman, Experts broadly agree that a widespread adoption of direct current (DC) power systems in commercial and residential buildings could offer significant advantages over alternating current (AC) systems, according to a new study. The finding could help change perceptions of...
Jun 6 2018 | Posted In: Media
In the article A fork in the road for U.S. power, Ben Geman of Axios discusses the nationwide trend toward a lower-carbon mix, while the Trump administration is preparing steps that would halt coal's decline. The focus of the article resides heavily with the paper Assessing the evolution of power...
May 15 2018 | Posted In: News
In the article by David Roberts of, Roberts discusses the secret behind energy storage in the US. "The way it’s typically used in the US today, it enables more fossil-fueled energy and higher carbon emissions. Emissions are higher today than they would have been if no storage had ever been...
Apr 5 2018 | Posted In: Media, News
In the latest paper Estimation of the year-on-year volatility and unpredictability of the United States energy system by Carnegie Mellon University PhD student Evan Sherwin, CEO of Lumina Decision Systems and Adjust Faculty Max Henrion, and Inês Azevedo, the authors discuss the increased volatility...
Feb 13 2018 | Posted In: News
Ines Azevedo has been appointed to the Editorial Committee of the Annual Reviews of Environment and Resources. To learn more about the journal, click here.
Oct 27 2017 | Posted In: News
The Climate Reality Leadership Corps, an initiative of The Climate Reality Project, hosted its 36th training in Pittsburgh on October 17-19.
Aug 28 2017 | Posted In: News
This award recognizes scientists and researchers working at universities, national labs, or in industry who have developed advanced innovative clean energy technologies with the potential for demonstrable and scalable impact. The award will be presented at the annual C3E Women in Clean Energy...
Aug 9 2017 | Posted In: News
Inês Azevedo, Karen Clay, Jeremy Michalek, Fan Tong, and Deb Stine presented their research “Pipelines, Trucks, Buses and Automobiles: Where, When, Which?” to the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Governors Association, Office of U.S. Senator Toomey, and to the U.S. House of...
Jul 28 2017 | Posted In: Media
College of Engineering and Scott Institute for Energy Innovation faculty members Costa Samaras and Inês Azevedo describe their work on the Power Sector Carbon Index. The Index is an open and transparent tool that allows anybody to understand how emissions from the electricity sector have changed...
Jun 6 2017 | Posted In: News
Azevedo serves as one of the faculty mentors for the ETH Academy on Sustainability and Technology 2017. More details on the Academy can be found here.
Jun 5 2017 | Posted In: Media
La Vanguardia, an online news outlet based in Barcelona, Spain, has quoted Azevedo in regards to the Paris Agreement. See the article here.